Finished, New and Ongoing Project Updates

I've been accomplishing quite a few projects lately, some of which were not on the "to do list" but were so cute I had to do

I did a baby blanket to give to new baby Adam (a future daycare client!). Great stash-buster of my baby yarns.

I also "whipped up" a crayon wreath for the front door.
To make the wreath, I purchased a pressed board wreath circle, hot glued a pack of 64 crayons. I added a few school cutouts (apple, school house, school bus) to the top and voila! Instant front door and Back-To-School wreath. My intention is to take Ava's senior kindergarten photos in front of the wreath.

I also purchased a Princess and Heroes crochet pattern book from Red Heart Super Saver. I found it while wandering around Wal-Mart and how could I not get it for the kids? Great timing for Halloween too. I'll make the largest size (8) for all the kids and eventually make one of each set to put in the dress up box.

My friend also informed me about a Renaissance Faire that is happening in our city on September 17th. It's nice to have a deadline to work towards and crochet is so fast it will not take any time to make. That's the plan any way.

I'm still puttering away on the sleeves for the sweater I'm making myself. Click on the bold to read about it.
Another friend gave me a fantastic tip to do both sleeves at once so if you make adjustments on one you can make it on both at the same time instead of having to remember where and how you did it. She also suggested the same for the front and back (on patterns that are the same, of course).

I also have the king sized quilt for my mother I'm working on. I finally cut the 400 half triangles and 200 squares. All 2"x2" finished squares. And this is why I've been a little slow on it. I will get it done and am steadily working on it. It might be the heat that is making me stall on the ironing bit.

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