SITS Comment Cocktail Party ~ WELCOME!!!

I am so excited about the SITS Comment Cocktail Party tonight! Welcome to all my SITStas!!
I flipped through my past blogs to see how best to introduce myself. I actually didn't realise I have been writing my blog since April 2008. Wow has time gone by quickly! My first blog post was relatively boring as I jumped right in and started to write. I was too excited to have a blog to really consider the content - I just wanted to type and get it all started! These past few years I've just "gone with it" and the trends have emerged as a result. By the way, to answer the question of "I wonder how long it will be until it gets painted" is that it is still only primed! Was your blog post "all that" in retrospect? Does it still hold the theme you originally intended when you started your blog?

The first few months of the blog were mainly about interesting tidbits I passed on to other moms (Neti Pot, Listerine as mosquito spray, tea tree oil to name a few). I have evolved, however, to sharing sweet stories of the children, reviewing novels and sharing reviews of movies and more recently crafts.

This blog and my blogland friends have helped me through good and harder times and for that I am grateful. I am very glad to meet you and I cannot wait to get to know you better as our blog lives meet and our journey through motherhood, crafting and all the other good stuff we like to do in our life continues! I am truly blessed and, as you will read, definitely more than a mom.

Elizabeth @ More Than A Mom