I already wrote about how I am getting started on Halloween, Christmas and my son's January birthday. You know when you feel things are in control but then you have a slight moment of panic? And there is really no reason for this panic because for Halloween we have purchased both of my children's costumes and I have the candy. There is a party to plan for and crafts to be done at that time and it is this aspect that I am dreading a wee bit. I want to choose the perfect crafts and I want to ensure I have enough organized for the party to make it go as smoothly as possible - there are only 2 hours for the party, after all and I will need to pack in as much as possible.

My friend and I (who are co-hosting the party to our daycares) have planned to have the children decorate Halloween placemats. I will bring my laminator so we can laminate them and actually have the children use their placemats regularly! These children are 4 and under so we have to keep things pretty simple and mostly pre-made (as in just add glue stick). I'm considering making some bean bags to have a bean bag toss but we'll see if I have time to make them. For that we could just get a ball to toss in a bucket if needed. Finally, we would like to have faux pumpkins and then have the children velcro on different eyes and noses and mouths in a Mr. Potatoe Head fashion. We'll see if the prices on those come down as they are expensive right now or really itty bitty.

I would also like to make some crafts for the house but that isn't looking promising with the quilt looming over my head. Also, with Wal-Mart and their window stickers and mice and some caution tape the house is looking pretty good for those decorations.

Here are some fun sites to check out if you need to get inspired for holiday crafts: Family Fun, Kaboose and Better Homes and Gardens.

What are your plans for Halloween decorating, parties, costumes, etc.??

Happy Crafting!