Spring Clean & Purge Party

First, is it really a party when we spring clean and purge? Let's make it one anyway, okay?! Are you in? 

Your Assignment, Should You Choose To Accept It ...

Don't you find over the year that "stuff" accumulates, gets moved out of its proper place, or isn't used and so it is time to donate, sell or toss it? Unless you have a set time to do this it often never happens.

Last year, I was pleased with my plan to both purge and deep clean each room of my home. By tackling spring cleaning by breaking it out one room per week (some took two weeks because the job was a biggie) the house had a fantastic makeover.

I have joined spring flings in the past but found the lists weren't as complete as what I like to do. This is why I thought I'd like to have one on my blog so I can share my list of tasks. Feel free to use or ignore them as required. I'll post the room and the task list Saturday of each week and then we'll have the entire week to complete said room. As Flylady says, baby steps! If it's too overwhelming I balk and the task never gets done.

Before we start, here are some tips on how I like to "prepare" myself and the house.
The following list are the rooms based on my home. Please substitute rooms that are in your home that I may not have included. My list is based on top floor, front of house then moving in sequence down the hall.

THE PLAN (revised May 2015)

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