Spring Cleaning 2010

Is it time to spring clean again? Already? Didn't I just DO this? Last year I had a fabulous time and joined Organized Junkie's Spring Cleaning Party. Here is how I did last year with some before and after photos, too ... Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6. Ha! I am a few months early this year (I did it in April & May 2009). That's why I feel like it's so early!

This year I think I am going to go through each room and give it a thorough clean and purge. I'll start at the top and front room of the house and each day go through a room. This should make it pleasant and swift - I hope. Therefore, the first room I will start in is the master bathroom. Hairballs here I come! When to start it is the next question.

What's first on your spring cleaning list?