Spring Cleaning Party 2009 ~ Day 3

Today is day three, which is part two of the living areas.

Remember to declutter, clean and organize. I am feeling SO great about myself. I even pulled out the furniture and vacuumed behind them and the baseboards!

Let me know if you can see more of a difference from today's part two in the room versus part one and what you think of it!

I moved the television up high to stop little hands from pressing all the buttons ~ although dear hubby tells me that it is too wobbly and it might topple and kill a child. Well we don't want THAT so we'll be moving it back promptly.

Finally, that bookshelf/toy storage unit. Before it was a clutter disaster (check out one of the photos above to see it) but after ... be still my heart!

I also changed the location of the couch so that it would divide the computer area. I love it! And here is the computer area ...

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