Spring Clean & Purge Party ~ Master Bedroom Closet

Welcome to Week 4 of my Spring Clean and Purge Party! Check out the introduction and jump in! When you are done your room, add a link to your before and afters (or just how it went). Can't wait to see how we all get so neat and tidy together!

I let the master bedroom take two weeks because it was a bit of a bigger job than I anticipated (and I got sick half-way through it). This week we will tackle the MASTER BEDROOM CLOSET.
Our closet it actually like a small bedroom so it's easy to get stuff accumulated in there. Also, have been through a variety of clothes the past four plus years due to pregnancies and such, my clothes are in a serious re-evaluation of "will I wear it when I get to pre-pregnancy weight again".

Here's the list I'll be following. Don't be surprised if as we progress the list starts to sound the same. It's not rocket science, it's house cleaning; I can only be so original for each room! Please leave a comment if I forgot something that you include. Remember, you have ONE WEEK to complete this entire list. You can do it in one day or spread it out. I've tried to put it in some-what sequential order. Start at the top of the room and work down.

The List:

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