Crochet Hook Holder

I got a pattern for this cute crochet hook holder. Mine looks very similar but it is taller than I expected - more knitting needle length versus crochet hook size. Good thing I do both!

I went to my stash of knitting and crochet supplies (read all about said stash here) to see which to keep in this nifty holder. The needles were quite unorganized. It's great to have so many but not so great to not know what sizes there were. Since each size has at least two sets of needles, I'm going to make my mom a set for her house on the promise she doesn't purchase new yarn without consulting my supply first! Perhaps I will gift this set in my new hook/needle holder. Yes, I'm that sweet...

I'd love to make one for you. I'll even supply the yarn (you KNOW I have enough of it!) and my time ~ you need only pay for the shipping fees which I don't estimate would be too much since it's so light and I could jam it pretty small into an envelope. Comment to this post if you are interested and I'll set you up (this is me being sweet again ~ tee hee).