Sorting through a haystack (or big box of yarn odds and ends)

I inherited a fabulous gift from my grandmother who is now unable to see well enough to use yarn to crochet or knit. She had also received a lot of yarn from my aunt's husband's aunt ~ with me there? LOL

This is the box (above), filled with bags and bags of yarn. Thankfully, some of the bags were organized but there was one lovely bag that was just a mottled mess of yarn (below).

I got a huge amount of crochet hooks, knitting needles and other accessories ...

What to do with it all. I decided it was best to sort it by type of yarn weight.

Put those neatly into clear bags, with labels of the yarn weight, and stuff them (neatly) into the yarn chest.

But wait ... one bag leftover! (ah, I'll stash it in my closet ...)

And here is my helper to vacuum up the mess AFTER I have put the bags all away (I did not need him tearing at the neat balls ... way too tempting).