New Direction: Blog Update

You may have noticed that the blog has been on pause for a little bit while I determined the direction I wanted it to go.
When I started the blog in 2008 after my youngest was born, it was a Mommy Blog and a way for me to have a safe outlet of all things children-related. My interests and topics have grown with me to the crafting projects and more recently to my craft business, The Ruthless Crafter.
I tried to merge More Than A Mom with my business blog and, while it worked for a little while, I found I really missed writing about my personal adventures.
After a lot of consideration and planning, I have decided that my tutorials and stories of quilts that I am creating for clients will be on my business blog,, and my personal blog will remain here at More Than A Mom!
I’m very excited about this approach and I cannot wait to share my new content with you!