eCommerce Is Inspiring & Stretching Me

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It's hard to be a creative eCommerce business entrepreneur! Not only do you need to create but you also need to learn about how to have an online presence to let people know that you have made items and have them available to sell!

What has been keeping me so busy?
In my research to become a savvy ePreneur (is that an official term? it should be!) I have spend the past few weeks learning a ton about social media and eCommerce. I've been getting my online shop ready for holiday sales and I've been creating an Autumn AND a Holiday product line, complete with eCatalogs!

My Autumn collection will be live on September 15th and I'll be sure to give my blog and Facebook readers a sneak peek!

This was just a quick check in to let you know what I'm up to - now I'm off to get more items photographed and ready for next week. I am so excited!!