Spring Clean 2015 ~ Bingo

I wasn't feeling the cleaning vibe today. I need to finish last week's room (the bathroom for which I have 4) before I can start this week's (the master bedroom). The two half bathrooms were complete but the children's and master were needing some drawers and cupboards decluttered, emptied and wiped down.

Then I found a Facebook group that follows the FlyLady system and they had a BINGO game going on. What does Bingo have to do with house cleaning and organizing? Well, it's actually genius.
You make up a game card like this:

The Bingo caller will call out a number and you go do that in the set time and then come back to the Facebook page to check what the next number is. What a rush! I didn't get all 9 of mine done but I did get 6 and I'm thrilled with the progress I made.

Here is how mine looked... (photos may be fuzzy as I was in a wee bit of a rush).

Kitchen Counter

Daughter's Floor near her desk

Son's Floor near his desk

Dust Master Bedroom (incomplete)

Straighten Master Nightstand & Drawers

Declutter Daughter's Desk (this definitely took more than 5 minutes!!)

Kid's Bathroom drawers/under sink (incomplete)
Master Bathroom drawers/under sink (incomplete)

Kid's Bathroom Towels

I'm saving the 3 that I did not get done for another Bingo. I'm just so happy with what I *did* accomplish!

Have you ever tried cleaning games? I'd be interested in hearing about them!

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