April 2015 Crafts

How is it the middle of May and I haven't done my April craft summary? I'm chalking it up to the nice weather having me outside and my Spring Cleaning focus taking up the other part of my in-house time.

I had 12 goals for the month. I completed 8 and made great progress on the others. I'm happy with that!

1. Quilt 3 Victoria's Quilts donation ~ 1 Completed

2. Piece + Quilt King-Sized Gift Quilt ~ Completed April 5

3. Quilt for Tammy (client) ~ Completed April 5

4. Knit my son a hockey sweater (pattern link) ~ In Progress

5. Knit Mother/Daughter Scarf Set ~ Completed April 14

6. Knit Variegated Scarf ~ In Progress

7. Peony Crochet Cowl ~ Completed April 25

8. Knit item & Post to Etsy shop ~ Incomplete

9. Crochet Alpaca baby sandals ~ In Progress

10. Plan June 60" x 60" challenge ~ Complete (in my head!)

11. Quilt for SG (client) ~ Completed April 4

12. Quilt for IB (client) ~ Completed April 18

What are my May goals? Check them out on my Crafts page. I keep them up to date if you want to know what I've accomplished during the month. As I write a blog post I also include the link there.

What do you hope to create in May?