February 2015 Crafts

February was a very productive month. I set out to complete 6 projects and I
did them all!

1. Piece my daughter's quilt

2. Quilt for Jean M.

3. Knit Alpaca Hat (FREE pattern link)

I don't seem to have a picture of the finished hat but this is me starting and what it will look like when done.
I worked it in a warm brown.

4. Knit Alpaca Fingerless Mittens (FREE pattern link)

5. Crochet Valentines Day wreath for my door
I got all the flowers done but I couldn't find a box cutter to cut my backing.
I'm going to finish it today as I'm now inspired.
It will be better than the Christmas wreath that is still on our door!

6. Knit Valentines Day sweater for my daughter's doll

I have an even more ambitious list for March. Check it out here!