Weight Loss Journey - The History

The year before I got married (August 28, 2004), I successfully completed Weight Watchers.

My children were born in 2006 and 2008 and my weight fluctuated again. Since the kids are 22 months apart you can imagine how
busy and sleep depriving the early years were.

The past few years have given me the ability to look at myself as a person (not a sleep-deprived mommy zombie!).

I am also coming up to a milestone birthday in August 2015 so it has given me the motivation to get my self image, confidence and body back to where I feel good about myself.

As a mother I certainly don't have others to impress but as a wife and an individual I want to feel desirable in a physical way.

Shallow, I know but as a teenager and young adult I was able to confidently don whatever clothes I wanted to and not worry about the calories in each bite I consumed.

I understand my metabolism was at it's peak and I was physically active in a different way than my current lifestyle but I believe that I can get back to that place if I put a little up-front effort to get to my ideal physicality.

In my journey to getting my physical "house" in order, I am realizing that there is a lot of mental and environmental clutter that I also have to conquer.

Source: quoteeveryday.com