Weight Loss Inspiration from Bridget Jones

I have been listening to the audio book "Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy". She loses a lot of weight and her observations are hilarious. It's funny to read when she goes off the rails and does it so well that the
nurse whisks her to a group where she is the one who has fallen off the wagon the most spectacularly. I mean if you are going to cheat, do it in a big way!

I want to clarify I want to meet Bridget Jones after her success,
not at the part when she falls off the wagon.

This was what my week felt like. I had tremendous cravings for carbs and chocolate (thank you hormones) but I didn't find they satisfied when I ate them. So I ate more. And so the cycle continued. Sigh. I didn't drink my water nearly enough either (more sighing). Now it's the weekend and we have dinner plans at a restaurant and then tomorrow is the boy's 7th birthday party. Pizza and ice cream cake anyone?!

I also haven't had any energy at all to do my c25k program. I'm hoping to rest a bit and shake my head to get things going again.

If Bridget Jones can do it, so can I!

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