Weight Journey - Weekend Update 2

At the beginning of January 2015 I decided to work at healthy eating to get rid of some of the cookies and cakes and pies and big family dinners that had contributed to the pounds creeping up.

I began by limiting my calories. It worked but was a little hard to lose weight, I only seemed to maintain
where I was stuck.

Last Saturday, January 25th I woke up and decided to go back to what I knew worked to lose weight. Strict on the Dr. Bernstein diet. I have done this successfully in the clinic and at home before so it seemed the obvious solution.

It worked fantastic and, even with two days of minor slip-ups, I am down 5.2 lbs at the end of my first strict week.

I hit my first personal goal and am well on my way to reaching my second. This is definitely motivating me to continue and I plan to do (at least) one more week to get things back under control.

Also, the most interesting thing I have noticed is that, although a very restrictive diet, I have never eaten cleaner than when following it.