Weight Journey - Day 7

I haven't been eating the best today and yesterday due to a crazy schedule that is out of the norm (it's hard to plan for what you don't know is going to come!).

I am proud of myself for still

tracking calories and today I did a Couch-to-5k workout. I have done it in the past but I re-tackled it from Week 1 Day 1. I don't have a treadmill, it's freezing and slippery outside, and I cancelled my gym membership because I could never get there. It's amazing how my resistance has increased just doing it on the spot (or sometimes moving about the living room a bit). Anyone else want to join me? This is the app I'm using found at C25kFree.com.
It was also great to multi-task and listen to an audio book while I "ran". Kept the time moving for me.

I'm also hoping a strawberry spinach smoothie will help with the iron and fibre intake as I've been feeling cold and that usually means my iron is low. Plus I've not eaten as many fruits and vegetables as I should so this is always a good way to get a healthy boost and many portions in. The smoothies I make have 2 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruits. That completes 4 of my 5-7 daily goal. Even though the smoothie is green, you cannot taste the spinach at all.

Summary of intake today: I ate 1320 calories of my 1200 goal but with the workout I subtracted 118 calories so it basically zeroed out those extra 120 calories (okay, I'm still 2 calories over if truth be told but I am proud of myself for realising I over ate and exercising).

Thanks for all of your comments and support. It has kept me motivated where I would normally have given up or gotten really down over the stumbles.

Are you on a Weight Journey to start off 2015? If so, please share your goals and progress. We can motivate each other together!