Weight Journey - Day 3

On Monday I did most of what I said I would do for my meal plan. It really helped that I prepared my plan the night before - it took my eating because I'm hungry impulse away for the most-part and I was able to prepare the next meal or snack before I was beyond able to
make a good decision.

I've updated the goal with the actual on yesterday's post if you want to see how it actually went.

Today I was not as organized as I was yesterday and I did not pre-plan the day. I'm hoping that if I log everything that goes in my mouth that I will succeed.

12 oz skim milk
1 scoop meal replacement powder
1 glass water (1 water)
Multi vitamin, B6, B12, potassium pills

Quaker Honey Oat mini muffin
1 piece Italian chocolate (Baci)

4 oz Coke Zero
1 glass water (1 water)
12 Lays Stacks chips
1 can tuna (1 protein)
1 tbsp mayonnaise (other)
2 oz cucumbers

**I'm noting that I'm hungry because at this point I've only had 1 glass of water. I'm going to chug a few right now to fill me up.

2 glass water (2 water)
Smart Ones (Weight Watchers) Pepperoni Pizza

My Fitness Pal says this is a total of 1,168 calories our of my goal of 1200.