Weight Journey - Day 2

*UPDATE: I edited what I actually ate in this colour below

Um, yeah... so we're going to scratch Sunday. It was the last day before routine hits me smack
dab in the face after a two week eat-your-face-off  vacation.

Monday I am going to aim to eat the following. It's not 100% Dr. Bernstein strict but it's what I'm going to do to get me through. My goal is 1200 calories that consist of 3 proteins, 2 bread, 2 fruit, 2 vegetable servings (or 16 oz) plus 8 glasses of water. Perhaps if it is written down it will have a better chance of being a success!

2 eggs (1 protein)
1 glass Metamucil + 1 glass plain water (2 water) ~ I drank 2 glasses of water
Multi vitamin, B6, B12, potassium pills

apple (1 fruit)
1 glass water (1 water)
added a Quaker Honey Oat Bran mini-muffin

1 can tuna (1 protein)
1 tbsp mayonnaise (other)
Lays Stax original chips x12
8 oz red peppers (1 vegetable)
5 crackers (1 bread)
2 glasses water (2 water)
4 oz Coke Zero

1 cup sugar-free Jello (if I forget to make it I will have a fruit)
2 oz celery sticks
4 oz red peppers
1 piece Italian chocolate (Baci)
1 glass water (1 water)

1 veggie burger (1 protein)
4 oz Coke Zero
2 oz onion
lettuce as "bun" or on top of salad 5 oz total greens (1 vegetable) ~ I had a hamburger bun
1 tbsp fat-free Ranch dressing (other)
5 crackers (1 bread)
2 1 glasses water (2 1 water)

Jello or fruit (whichever I did not have at afternoon snack)

My Fitness Pal says this is a total of 773 calories which is high for Dr B when on strict (I usually was around 500) and low for my goal of 1200.
I actually consumed 956 calories according to My Fitness Pal.