Weight Journey - Day 12

Saturday, January 24 @ 10:00 p.m.
Yesterday's strictness (Dr. Bernstein diet) paid off. Today I finally had a break in the weigh-in. Down
1.2 lbs. Hurrah!

With this success I was very excited to have another strict day. I made a delicious omelet, had an apple for morning snack, made a pizza for lunch and even planned a broccoli salad for dinner with an apple and jell-o for snack while we went out to a family dinner.

There were a few nibbles that I had a bite or two of and then immediately stopped, drank some tea and water and then got my apple to snack on instead. Good re-direction.

Then I lost all control at dessert time. Why was there ice cream cake??? I was done. I don't think it was terrible but threw me off my strict faithfulness.

There is tomorrow, I know. I had 11 glasses of water and I'm hopeful this will counter the ice cream cake. I'm going to not let it get me down because I ate amazing for the rest of the day and feel really good about myself.

I will let you know how it shows on the scale tomorrow.