Weight Journey - Weekend Update 1

This week my focus was to organize and clean my home. I did not get as much as I had originally hoped but it's getting there.

When I have mental clutter it makes me very anxious in my
physical surroundings.

We are fortunate to be able to afford to provide our children with Christmas gifts and our extended family is very large and very generous also. The kids love it but unpacking Christmas is a stressful time as we attempt to fit all the new items into our home.

It doesn't help that the children's birthdays are in January and March so we know that an onslaught of more gifts is on the way.

When I am cleansing my palate, cleansing the home of unwanted items buoys me and makes me feel that the house is getting lighter as my pounds are melting away. It also gives me a focus and less opportunity to snack. Win-win.

Image credit: Daily Inspirations for Healthy Living