Prank Calls

My 8 year old daughter drew the phone for this image.
How perfect!
Before there was caller identification it was pretty harmless to make prank calls.

When I was maybe 10 years old or so I remember doing a few random
dials and asking "Is your refrigerator running?". The person would answer "Yes". Then I would (through muffled giggles) burst out "THEN GO CHASE IT!" and hang up and literally roll on the floor laughing. My favourite call was when I heard the person on the other end start to chuckle as I hung up.

It was completely innocent and fun and I'm sure something that would not work out quite the same today.

It's a fond memory and I was just thinking about it today before I read about this SITS November writing prompt idea.

Did you make prank calls when you were a kid or teen? :Leave a comment about what you did and what effect it has had on you in later years.