I have recently partnered with some local Alpaca Farmers who raise and breed their own alpacas. They make their own yarn out of the wool also!

Although I create my items for them at
a wholesale price, there is quite a lot of incentive. Each item I make I can affix my business card and they promote me as the artisan. I can create in crochet or knit and can have input into the patterns I use. For each three projects I make for them, they will give me yarn so I can make whatever I like and keep or sell it at retail. I'm very excited about it!

I went to visit their booth at our local farmer's market and I'm invited to bring the children to the farm to see their animals and the process of making the final product that I use. We are looking forward to it!

How adorable are these creatures?!
 Have you ever visited a farm?

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