Organizing Memories

Yesterday I attended my second scrapbook day ever.

The first day I tried was from 10AM-5PM. It was nice to do a shorter day to see if I would enjoy it. I definitely over-estimated how much I would get done and
brought two full totes plus my laptop and a jump drive of our 2008 photos to digitally organize and start to make a digital scrapbook from. I barely finished the 2006 photos I had printed that year (I had to organize them as they were out of order when they got printed and then I slapped them into a 400 page book. I'm not at the "making layout pages" part yet).

2006 photos finally in an album for us to enjoy!

Yesterday was a 9AM until 9PM crop. I wasn't as ambitious yesterday and left the laptop at home. I did manage to sort through the kid's school keepsakes and emptied a tote! Maybe I should say I organized a tote because I still filled it to bring home all the finished items. I did, however, manage to recycle three grocery bags full of items that are not as "special" and were taking away from the treasures.

This is my daughter's school treasures from Preschool to Grade 2 so far.
I bought this at Wal-Mart for under $10.

The best part of these crop days is that I get designated time to focus on organizing these ares, wander down memory lane, enjoy wonderful food and the company of other women who are trying to make memories of their family last.

I may not be as dedicated to the current creation of elaborate scrapped books with fancy layouts and embellishments but I am pleased to be getting our keepsakes honoured in a way that is far better than just keeping it in a bin that takes up room in my craft room and that may topple on me at any moment.

This is the "organized" version.
The left bin just needs to have the completed items put away in their proper place and then it will be empty.
The bin on the right is all our keepsakes in chronoglogical order from 2002 that I need to find a way to honour.

I realize I still have a ways to go but I've got a system now for future items so hopefully it won't get as out of control again.

How do you manage your family keepsakes and treasures?

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