Organizing Homework Station and Art Supplies

It's been driving me crazy all summer. In preparation for the summer I gathered all the kid arts and crafts supplies and put them in one space - on the dining room buffet. Then came all the homework and art papers from school. Then the kids came home and summer pulled us ahead and we made
new crafts to add to the pile and then it was just a big hot mess.

These photos are taken after I had pulled a lot of it off of the buffet and floor to organize like-with-like but it gives you a sense of the scale of papers and such I had to figure out what to do with.

I started at 8:30AM and finished with these results around 3:30PM. I didn't work on it straight through but was puttering off and on throughout the day.

I love that the floor is clear under the buffet. The rolling cart with drawers has craft supplies, the crate on the left is colouring books, and the white open shelf in the middle has blank papers and printed pictures for colouring. The top shelf is the homework/school books space with A's on the left and T's on the right (works well with A left handed and T right handed). The basket and boxes on top of the grey drawer cart hold homework supplies (e.g. markers, crayons, pencils, erasers, rulers, etc.).

My biggest sigh of relief is the pipe cleaners now being under control. It took a full hour to untangle these babies but now they fit mostly straight into a clear shoe container.

In the end I had one bag full of "to donate" items, one bag full and one recycling container full of recycled pieces. It felt really good to move those on their way out the door!

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