Play Stove Makeover

When I cleaned up the baseboards and door trim in the house I realized how amazing a wee coat of paint will do to make things feel and look (and smell) new again!

Today I took a long hard look at the play oven
we had in our playroom.

My father-in-law had made it when my husband was a little boy. It went through six children at that point and was stored for many years until we got it. It goes perfect with our kitchen sink. I love it!

Since it definitely was showing it's age from years of play baking and cooking, I gave it a thorough sanding. The structure of the oven was sound but there were some nicks that needed some attention so little people don't catch their hands and get splinters.

Also, a good wash down to rid the piece of sand dust and some of the musty smell is a must. 

A new coat of paint is going to make this baby shine!

I primed it and gave it one coat of oil paint. I decided to paint all the surfaces to give it a good clean up.

So far I haven't painted the burners back on as we have a small portable burner I've put on it. I may decide to yet but for now it's looking pretty and clean in the play kitchen area again. The musty smell has also disappeared!

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