Manual and Warranties Organization

The Back Story
My laptop is giving us trouble. We can't log on. Hubby is trying to fix it but we need the Windows key number that would have come with the laptop when we bought it. Problem: we can't find the information for the
laptop. It's somewhere in the house but we can't find it.

The Original System
We generally keep manuals in a clear bag over the oven in that high small cupboard that is cut into a small usable area by the fan exhaust vent. Usually it works great but you have to dig through the entire contents to find what you want. Sometimes the item you are looking for isn't there.

The Plan
Pinterest pointed me in the direction of Polka Dots and Paisley who developed a Manual and Warranties Binder. So simple! I also inherited binders and clear page protectors from my parents in their move a few months ago and don't have a place to store them so this is fixing two problems!

I am sorting the binders and putting "like with like". I was going to sort by room as was in the tutorial but it's not as simple as when I'm going through it. We had so many I used two binders and that isn't including the television and computer stuff!

I need to gather all the computer information so I will do that binder another day to hold electronic manuals, warranties and receipts for television, satellite, car DVD and computer related items. Definitely for another day.

P.S. As a result I was able to reset the filter light on the fridge and cleaned the dishwasher because I had been meaning to read the manual to figure out how to do it - what better opportunity than to do it when I had the manual in my hand for filing!

How do you organize your manuals, warranties and receipts?