TMNT Mask Finish and Turtle Shell To Make

The boy and I spent a great day together while the girl and her father went visiting.

The boy apparently had plans for me making him some exciting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TMNT) costumes for him.

As a good mother (who was being told "Crochet! Crochet! Is it done yet? Crochet!") I created a Pinterest TMNT board with ideas so he could decide what exactly I was to make him.

He reviewed it many times throughout the day. He decided on a Donatello (the purple turtle) mask. We chose the right shade of purple and I used this tutorial from Good Knits. I wanted to add crochet ties so I made up my own side straps at the end by adding to each side a chain of 40 stitches to the side and making it 4 rows thick.

Here is the proud Donatello impersonator.

Now he has it in his mind that I will make him a turtle shell (and I'm sure front!). I'm starting the shell right now with some nice green hexagons that I am planning to link with a dark brown to give it that turtle look.  I'm using the Super Simple Hexagon pattern from One Loop Short.

Knowing the boy, he'll want to front done too so maybe a tan. I'll just do the shell first and see where that takes me.

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