UFO #2 of 13 ~ Quilted Messenger Bag

I did it! I finished my second UFO for the 13 in 2013 UFO Challenge I am participating in.

Presenting this beautiful messenger bag. It is also a drum bag to hold a native hand drum.

This is the back of the bag. If you look closely you can see a circle in the bottom center part of the bag. This is an eagle that I close-up on and describe more about below.

This is the front. I like how the thread of the diagonal lines I quilted have it blend in and not take away from the flow of the pattern on the fabric.

The view from the side shows a long, narrow, lined pocket. I made this to hold drum sticks but I suppse a small cell phone or other items could be stored here also.

The drum fits perfectly in this bag. I suppose it could be a little more snug and I could adjust that in future editions.

Here is the bag without the drum inside.
Again, without the drum inside. Also notice the extra long, padded and quilted handle. It lets the bag sit on your hips to hold the bulk of a filled bag.

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