Meet our elf, Carol Jingle

After much debate and price comparison I found and purchased an Elf on the Shelf.

If you are unfamiliar with such a beast, this little elf works on the power of Christmas magic. Ours is a girl and she was just named
Carol Jingle (Christmas Carol and Jingle Bells) that we also can shorten to C.J. (but I prefer Carol myself). At night she reports to Santa the nice and naughty parts of our day and then returns in the morning in a new place for the children to find her. The fun part is that they cannot touch her because her magic would weaken. It's cute. The kids are encouraged to tell her secrets and and wishes for her to forward to Santa.

When I first revealed her yesterday there was not much of a reaction but today it seems to have started to work a little and the kids even were heard saying goodnight to her and asking her to please report nice things to Santa.

I'm hoping to use Carol as positive motivation for good behaviour that will hopefully last longer than just the Christmas season - after all, isn't it 28 days to establish a new habit?

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