The Christmas Beast Revisited

I took antibiotics last week (after about 6 weeks of being ill with a bad cough and various colds in between) and I feel like myself again!

My dilemma with the Home Organization 101 challenge and completing the King-Size "2011 Christmas Beast" (that is now becoming the 2012 Christmas Beast!) has split my time and attention.

I have been dedicating one hour per day
(at least) on the quilt and get it done. This will allow me to complete the Office/craft room organization goal that I have because it will clear up a lot of space and give me a huge sigh of relief to have delivered it to my parents, the intended recipient.

This is a photo of my current set up with the frames and my Kenmore machine.

When the quilt is complete I plan to sort through the two garbage bags and several gallon bins full of donated yarn I have received to complete blankets for charity. That's going to be a fun but big project. If you look closely underneath the frame in the photo above you can see the yarn bags/totes stuffed under the table!

Here are my inspiration pictures from Green Fairy Quilts that I am hoping to even closely duplicate on this quilt.

I love this border design. I used the triangles and flowers inside it on the red and green 3-cluster 2" borders. I did a loop design in the center one as I wasn't feeling the love or confidence to attempt the circles.
If you look at the first photo you can see that the stars look like "x"s. I am trying to get them to pop. I am hoping this stitching pattern will do that.

In terms of my sewing room, in addition to wanting this big project complete, when the room is cleared out I really want to make myself a crafting sanctuary with some soothing paint, WAY less clutter and some inspiring photos in the room. A girl can dream, right?

This is my inspiration for the table frames. I love how the table lamp, the plate and the tea cups make it a cozy set up. I also have a board on Pinterest set up with inspiring sewing room photos.

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