Home Organization 101 ~ Kids Rooms

I'm still fighting this cough and cold and barely have energy. Today I do have a little so I'm cleaning the kids rooms.

I don't have a before for my 6 year old daughter's but it is now thoroughly cleaned and decluttered. It's a haven again. Just picture no cleared surfaces. Her drawers have also been
organized plus the windows have been thrown open to air out the bedrooms.

I didn't realise it at the time but it only took me 30 minutes to get through it. The dread of tackling it took days and then for only 30 minutes? Here is how her room looks now...

My 4 year old son's room is a collection of a lot of little toys. Boys love their cars, soldiers and superheroes. Wow. So we have a nice play bin to just put them in when he is done. I organize like with like and it seems simple enough for him to keep it up (or for me to do a "good-night" tidy and put stuff back).

His room took about an hour but I am SO pleased with it. Here is his desk and dresser area. All the clothes inside the dresser have also been tidied.

His night table. He is a before-bed reader like his mommy.

I rearranged his toy holder to give him more play space. He is very particular about the layout of his room. I hope he likes it.

How is your home organizing coming?