Monkey Business (Housecoat)

I *FINALLY* completed a housecoat made of the adorable pink monkey fabric I bought with the intention of making Christmas pajamas two Christmases ago - yep, Christmas 2010 it was to be for, then 2011 and then, well, better to be done before Christmas 2012 approached (100 days until Christmas doesn't officially come until Sunday so I'm going with the done-well-in-advance of Christmas 2012 theory).

I got hung up on the belt loops (there are no instructions on the pattern and I for some reason could not get my head around it). If you, too, need help with belt loops check out this easy picture tutorial from Sewing. Once I read it I had a "duh!" moment. So easy but sometimes you just need a little refresher.

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to the fun and complete monkey housecoat (the model is at school so I have a smaller friend standing in).

 And the famous belt loops and hanger loop...

Tell me about something that should have been simple but that you couldn't get your head around (I want to know I am not the only one!!).