Home Organization 101 - Kitchen & Pantry Update

Yesterday I explained I've been working hard to catch up in the kitchen challenges Toni has created in her Home Organization 101 challenge. I just did the kitchen this summer but this is an area that seems to breed a
mess all on it's own.

Here is Toni's pantry challenge checklist if you want to join in. In her post Toni reveals her pantry organization - it's very motivating as she's done such a fantastic job! My pantry (a little less motivating) is more of a long cupboard instead of a proper closet pantry. I make it work for us though. Here are my simple before and after photos. I took everything out, wiped down all the sides and shelves and then put it all back.


If you want to join the kitchen challenge, here is the "to do" list from Toni's challenge. This one is a surprise for me. As I mentioned above, I just organized and cleaned the kitchen this summer. I moved several of the cupboards around and so I'm needing to tweak what isn't working or what needs to work better as I'm going through this time.

Here is the first corner. I worked out this corner (upper corner cupboard only!), the top of the fridge, the kitchen corner 2 counter only and the pantry for 5 hours (off and on) yesterday. I was really surprised! The after might not look like much but it was a bunch of "where do I put stuff" that needed decisions and deliveries to better homes throughout the house.

Here is the Kitchen Corner 2 before and after.

I'm working on the other counter today and then I'll continue over the weekend in the cupboards or as time and my energy allows. I'll keep you posted!

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