Weekend Weight Loss

During the week I have a pretty good routine for eating. Having the home daycare makes meals and snacks more timed because the little ones get cranky when they are hungry and we don't
want that if it's preventable! The best thing I did the last few days that helped keep me on track was to ensure I ate at least 100 calories every 2 hours. It really made a difference and held me through to the next meal or snack. I also was making better choices.

The second thing that helped me was writing what I was going to eat, at what time, and what the calorie count was the day before. This way I wasn't making choices on an empty stomach and grabbing whatever was handy to fill the void.

Weekends are definitely more relaxed around here. The kids are outside playing while my husband and I are catching up on house work, yard work, relaxing ourselves, etc. Without the structure of the week I'm definitely more prone to graze. I'm going to continue with making my list and ensure that my veggies are prepared for healthy grazing if I find I'm desperate for something.

How do you keep your eating in check?