Small Projects Sew-Along

Crazy Mom Quilts is having a "Small Projects Sew-Along". I love that I can participate and get a lot of existing projects done versus having yet another project to add to my list.

This sew-along also comes with great timing since I just purchased a lot of material for projects this past weekend while I was in the USA on a dance tournament. (Read more about it here)

Sewing projects I would like to complete this month:
  1. Shorts for Travis (x2)
  2. Shorts or skirts for Ava (x2)
  3. Dresses for Ava (x2)
  4. Mend plush baby toy
  5. Mend winter gloves
  6. Mend Travis's sweater
  7. Finish armchair sewing caddy
  8. Hem Ava's pants
  9. Use monkey material for Ava (either pajamas or housecoat) 
I will update my status on these projects on my Crafts page.
What are you wanting to get done this month?