Sewing Ambitions

Ava (6 years old) had a dance competition in Niagara Falls, New York this past weekend. It was fun to watch her dance and to see her hair in beautiful curls. The make-up is a little much but on stage it looks normal under the bright lights and we wash it off right after her dancing numbers are done.

Going to the USA also meant I got to visit a Joann's Fabric store! I was able to find some really cute fabric. I just guessed at the amount of fabric so I hope it's enough since I can't exactly go back to get more.

I got dinosaurs and Toy Story material to make shorts for Travis (4 years old). I'm hoping there will be enough to make an appliqued shirt to match the shorts. I found this great tutorial for making 10-minute trousers (or shorts).

Ava was with me so we ended up getting her Hello Kitty and pink cowgirl material for capris. I'd like to have tee shirts with matching ruffles and/or arm cuffs to go with the pants. Luckily when I got home I found a pattern for capris in Ava's size.

Also I found beautiful, bright butterfly and Dora material for dresses. I'll add purple to the hem of the Dora skirt and to make straps for both the dresses. I love that I just have to hem and sew the seam after I measure it. This fabric is fabulous!

What are you sewing?