Laundry and Outdoor Line Drying

I've never been very motivated to line dry my clothes. I don't always have the energy or the time to hang the clothes outside.

There are many good reasons why I should line dry. It is free (even though when I do use the dryer I wait until low $ times. It is definitely green. And I suppose I could count some
exercise for the albeit small bit of activity. Plus, I can hang while the kids are outside playing in the yard (it's not like they want me to play with them - much too independent for me now).

Recently I read a post (sorry but I cannot seem to find where I read it). This post gave some as-fun-as-chores-can-be ideas. I really liked the suggestion to sort the clothes when hanging. For me, this was my "a-ha" moment. This was really the part of line drying that I didn't like - the putting it all up, heaping the dry clothes into the basket, taking it in, folding and sorting. It seemed like a lot of extra steps to take. Now that I've been sorting as I hang I can choose to take off one person's clothes, folding as I go, and put them immediately away before starting the next person's. Or if I do them all at once they are in the basket ready to be delivered and put away in order. I'm so glad I read about this. Yes, it is a bit of a mind game to get me excited about laundry but if it works and gives us some pros (see above) I'm okay with that.

Now if only my husband would buy me a new line dryer I'd be even more excited about laundry (our current one is a turning one with four-sides. The center post snapped so it's presently held together with a wire. It is not fully upright though so when I turn it the thing sways at me and I'm either tippy-toe stretching or bending my neck to get low enough to hang clothes.

How do you motivate yourself to line dry?