Memories and Keepsakes Organizing

In addition to decluttering and purging the house, I have decided that it is high time to figure out the photos and keepsakes. I have from 2003 to present to figure out. I really want to focus on this area before the end of the school year. My daughter is in senior kindergarten and,
if you have school-age children, you can appreciate the incredible amount of art and paperwork that comes home from the school - and she's only alternate days in school! Next year she will be in grade 1 and my son will start junior kindergarten full day every day. If I don't get control of things now and get a system in place I fear I may be lost under their artwork.

The Plan:
Baby steps. One step at a time. For now the focus is the framing of family photos and hanging them up as well as the keepsake books to reduce the "stuff" in the totes.

Here are a few links that have inspired me on how to keep the children's keepsakes and how to organize their future artwork.
Delightful Order "Organizing Children's School Papers"
Reluctant Entertainer "Kid Memory Binder"
iHeart Organizing "School Paperwork Storage"

How do you organize your family photos and your children's keepsakes?

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