Cut Down Christmas by 80%

I love reading tips from I'm an Organizing Junkie. This one struck with me to cut down your Christmas tasks by 80%. After all, 80% of your family’s Christmas enjoyment probably comes from 20% of your efforts. Read more about the tips and rationale here at her blog.

I've also been inspired. Today I'm going to get through some Christmas presents I am planning to make. I'm also going to organize gifts and perhaps wrap what I have already. I also have plans to wrap both of my children 12 gifts each for building up anticipation for the big day (I'll use books and DVDs Christmas-themed we already have but had stored all year and they likely forgot about for this).

I also have plans to declutter my stash of yarn by making scarves and hats for gifts. It's a labour of love for my crafting, my gift receivers and my decluttering plans all at once. 

What do you do to make Christmas less stressful?