Halloween and Christmas

I've got that inspired bug about me. I'm working on the king sized quilt for my parents, finished Travis's Halloween knight costume (crocheted), I've started one for my daughter, and just started organizing my
office/craft room. One project for Christmas gift is done and I'm calling today to book our Christmas photos appointment. I know - crazy, right?!

This morning I went through papers that were in the "to scrapbook but don't really know what to do with it" pile and got the kids papers/art sorted by year. The plan is to organize books for each of them with their art so they can look back on their own pieces. I'd also like to do "memory" picture books for each of them but we'll see if I can get to that before Christmas with all the other projects I have in mind. I'm really excited about getting this stuff done. I have since 2005/6 pregnancy things to organize for my daughter and I don't even know if I have anything for my son's 2007/8 pregnancy even started! Baby steps though. For now I'm organizing the box a little each day to see what I have and come up with a game plan.

I'll post more about the quilt and the Halloween costumes in another post (I need to get photos to put up and my little model needs to be in the right mood, too).

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