Chuck E. Cheese’s New Pizza Recipe ~ Review

I was contacted by the folks at Chuck E. Cheese’s to check out their completely upgraded pizza recipe. This past year we have taken the kids to
Chuck E's a few times as they are old enough to enjoy it.

I enlisted my mom and dad to come with me to try it out (hubby stayed home to paint baseboards).

The pizza as it arrives. Yum!
Grandma, Ava and Grandpa about to try their first bite

Enjoying our game tokens

Going in I was armed with the promise that, "with fresh cheese and dough, and high-quality toppings, this cheesier, crispier, tastier pizza is sure to please the palate of pizza lovers both young and old." I brought three generations to test this theory and here are the results...

Ava, age 5: "Can I have another?" (she ate 3 slices)

Grandma: "I enjoyed the thin crust and it wasn't greasy which I really liked. It was a good tasting pizza."

Grandpa: "Tasted like a better quality pizza."

Me: "Right from the start I could not see the grease pooled on top. I ate three slices and didn't have that heavy, too much fats feeling I get from fast foods and the previous deep pan pizza. I would definitely take the family back and happily order the pizza!"

They also have new birthday party packages that I may consider for next year's birthdays.

Disclaimer: I was given a guest pass for 1 Large Pizza, 4 Drinks and 30 Tokens to review the new pizza recipe. All opinions, however, remain my own.