Hoo Are You #49

I found this fun Tuesday "Hoo Are You" meme from Night Owl Crafting. Thought you might enjoy getting to know me better. If you put one on your blog, put your link in my comment so I can read more about you!

1. What is your favorite craft or type of craft and if you are a crafter how did you get into it?
I enjoy doing anything with my hands. Lately I have been particularly fond of knitting.
2. What shows have you been watching this summer?
I have been watching Heartland and Little Mosque on the Prarie. I get them from the library by season since I don't have a lot of time to sit and follow shows on television.

3. Who does the yard work at your house?
I am very grateful to my husband for this one! I have allergies and don't like the heat so hubby is happy to spread his green thumb around and to keep it all tidy. Thanks, honey!
4. Are you working on any projects inside the home or outside this week?
I'm working on some outside of the home items this week - our family is having vacation time with lots of day trips and bonding!

5. Do you have to worry about getting ready for back to school?
My daughter is entering senior kindergarten. I suppose I should start looking at her fall clothing wardrobe soon though. Her backpack and lunch bag are still good to go from last year. And then there are indoor shoes for her to keep at school. Hmmm .. I guess I AM starting to worry about it now!