Happy Birthday to Me!! (and a new Amazon Kindle)

Yep, it's my birthday today. As I get older I pretend that I'm not happy about it but then I find myself telling all sorts of people that "my birthday is on Saturday!" and so I guess I am still excited about it.

This year I bought an Amazon Kindle. I got it on the 18th and I felt great having it arrive and I've already read half of a book on it! I had to get the Kindle instead of the iPad for a few reasons... 1) the kids would never let me read on it because they have learned how to play on it. 2) my eyes give me trouble and the computer back-lit screen hurts my eyes after a while (hence the sporadic blog posts). 3) the Kindle feels more like a book for it's size. I also like that I can play with the font size.

Of course, with anything new, there are a few moments of panic while trying to figure it out and make sure it wasn't a costly mistake that I wasn't going to like. It didn't help that when I went to get library books to put on it that I discovered it isn't compatible with the library databases (what??!! I SWEAR I looked up a list of compatible things and this was on this list. Very possible it was the incompatible list I saw it on but didn't realise it at the time). Well I was able to find some free e-book sources and some converters to make it reader friendly for my Kindle. Yay me!

I'm off to spend the day kid-free and with the hubby. Very exciting!