Buy Local

I was reading Renee's Joy Journey and she had a great idea. She is American so she challenged her readers to take back the American market place.

I strongly believe we should support all of the local people, as Renee suggests. Wherever you live, why don't you try these points for one week . I am going to try too.

*I have changed Canadian from the original America challenge as that is my country but if you are from another country, change it to yours!

1. Buy only Canadian Made this week. Share about your experience.

2. Buy 50% of your products from local merchants. Share about your experience.

3. Consider developing a product (that has demand). Ask people you know if they need this product and if they would consider buying it from you.

4. Share more ideas on how to support your local economy.

5. Be an intelligent and informed consumer. Before you purchase anything, ask, "Is this Canadian Made?"

6. Be in control of where your dollars are going. The best price is not the best decision always. Decide what percentage of your dollars will go to support your local economy, Canada and other countries.

7. Spread this idea to all of your friends. What would happen this week, if Canadians bought from each other, locally? Please share this idea with friends if you feel it can help Canada.