Quilting Tips

As you may know, I am on my 3rd quilt (all queen sized) and the two most valuable tips I can share are ... stick your ironing board behind the table you are sewing on, at the same level of the table. It will hold the bulk of the weight of the quilt you are not using (wish I had figured this out 2 quilts ago!).

I also discovered a temporary fabric adhesive (505) that can be found in quilting stores. I used that to sandwich the fabric (batting on the floor then spray and add the backing, flip so the batting is on the floor again and spray, add the top). I used some pins for the borders but it is way easier, less labour intensive for pinning, and it acts a little like a starch to stiffen the fabric too. Be sure to let the fabric dry for 24-hours so it does not gum up your needle.

Hope these tips help.

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