I've Been Working on Crafting ~ Update

I feel like I have crafting attention disorder! I finished knitting a rocket ship pillow for Travis, I am currently knitting a jumper dress for Ava and I'm still plugging away at a queen-sized quilt in addition to digi-scrap booking (organizing the photos right now) for 2008 and getting a whole bunch of paperwork (passport applications) and the house organized (spring cleaning, figuring out the basement since our renovations are done enough to have stuff be put back where it belongs but I want to purge while we do that, clear out baby stuff that we don't need any more, put winter stuff away to make room for spring!, take Travis's crib down in his room and make it more "big boy" with a little desk and toy sorter, etc.). I still need to go to the fabric store to purchase fabric for my mothers quilt so I can cut when I can't get to actual sewing. Whew! I'm tired just writing it but I do love to be busy!

Yesterday I vacuumed the whole house and steam cleaned the main rug and my daughter's room from when she was sick. I also finally sat down to enter a big pile of points from lean cuisine meals and diapers between emails.

While I was vacuuming window sills in the basement today I was leaning on the sewing table to reach over it and while doing so snapped one of the metal pieces that holds a small flippy piece of wood (my official term for it! LOL) - it holds the material as it leads up to the machine but flips because when I put the machine away it needs to move out of the way. Anyway, I was really ingenuous and got some "no more nails" to put on the screw as it's cheap press-board for the desk and it wouldn't go in the thread any more. It should work out.

What have you been working on?