Fare Thee Well, Oprah

In recent years I have had different opportunities to watch Oprah both regularly and irregularly. Most recently I wasn't able to watch as much Oprah as I wanted to. It didn't bother me too much as I knew she'd always be there if I wanted or needed her. After yesterday, knowing that she isn't going to be available whenever I need her is scary. It was comfort to know that she was there, enjoying a crazy adventure with Gayle, introducing us to our future talk show hosts that ultimately led us in our newest craze (Rachel Ray's cooking, Nate Berkus's home decor, Dr. Phil's psych, Dr. Oz's whole living ... to name a few), to in-debt heart-wrenching stories (some of which were too deep for me to view). Oprah, I don't know you personally but I do feel I grew up with you and I will miss you.