Our Kitchen

I am always in the kitchen and, especially, at the sink. I fill the sink with hot soapy water at least 4 times a day (after each snack and meal) to clean dishes, wipe tables and counters and clean dirty hands a faces of multiple children (thank you to my home daycare). I love our kitchen's maple cabinets and the layout is spacious with enough counter and storage space for our needs.

The point of this story is our sink. It is white porcelain. I have never enjoyed it and the first weekend we owned the house I saw a big dent that had been covered in caulking. It has been an eyesore (to me) ever since. The sink is very difficult to keep white as well. It stains and scratches easily. The enamel is starting to wear so you can't get it to shine on the bottom either, no matter the amount of elbow grease or variety of products I've tried. I would rather a stainless steel one.

This past week while trying to move the faucet it "crunched" and was difficult to move. I could hear pieces falling beneath the sink. I asked hubby to look at it and he said that we would need a new faucet because (something) broke and he didn't think it was repairable (see how well I listen to what was wrong?). What I also heard was "we might as well get a new sink (and counters if we want) when we replace it. Hmmm .... tempting. I don't mind the counters but they ARE low-end compared to the rest of the kitchen. I honestly could do with just a new sink and a fancy faucet. However, since he planted the seed about the possibility of new counters it's starting to grow. This could be an expensive suggestion on his part but wouldn't it make my day nicer with so much time spent in the kitchen?

What would you do?

Here are some quick counters that I like with cabinets the same colour as ours. So. Tempting.